About Seamor marine

SEAMOR Marine Ltd. is the manufacturer of subsea observation and inspection-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and a range of modular accessories and related devices.


Our facilities are situated on Vancouver Island, on Canada’s west coast. Our company’s focus is on the design, manufacturing and distribution of SEAMOR ROV systems.


SEAMOR Marine Ltd. and its global network of sales agents are at your disposal to answer questions, and provide top quality customer service. In addition to responsive technical services, we offer comprehensive and customizable client training, and service packages for the repair and maintenance of our products.


We are currently accepting applications for the following position (updated January 2, 2018):


Technical Sales Representative
Full-time job

SEAMOR Marine is a Nanaimo-based manufacturer of subsea observation and inspection-class remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) and accessories.

Our global network of sales agents assist customers around the world in such industries as aquaculture, search and rescue, security/law enforcement and hydro dams as well as universities, research facilities and government agencies.

Our company focus is on the end user experience – and we strive to maximize the adaptability, portability, reliability and ease of use of our systems.

We are seeking a skilled Technical Sales Representative with deep technical knowledge to drive new sales across Canada. Preference will be given to those candidates located on the West Coast.

The new Technical Sales Representative will report directly to the President.

Duties and Responsibilities:
– Identify, develop and maintain sales opportunities.
– Build relationships with key stakeholders within the industry.
– Use a strategic sales process to drive new business sales.
– Attend tradeshows and industry events.
– Contribute industry/market/customer information for product development.
– Be a SEAMOR Marine brand ambassador.

– Demonstrated business development skills.
– Ability to sell from a distance using phone and email.
– Strong communication skills (written, verbal, presentation and interpersonal).
– Proven analytical ability.
– Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel

Education and experience required:
– University degree or other related technical education/training.
– Minimum 5 years of demonstrated technical sales experience.
– Demonstrated ability to develop and execute sales plans and overcome obstacles.
– Strong ability to work independently.
– Knowledge of the ROV market would be an asset.

The successful candidate will receive a competitive salary and benefits package, sales-based commission and cell phone allowance.

Please apply with your cover letter and resume to:

Post-Secondary Co-Op OPPORTUNITIES

SEAMOR Marine welcomes co-op inquiries at any time.  We will review applicants and proposed areas of development on a case-by-case basis.

Student Experiences:
Manon Prairie joined SEAMOR Marine during the Summer of 2017.  As a third year Mechanical Engineering student at McGill University, Manon was eager to get hands-on experience at a robotics company.
“As the Production Planner and Coordinator Assistant, monitored stock levels, bought parts when necessary and passed components on to be assembled by the Production staff or experimented with by the Engineers. I was able to work closely with vendors, obtaining quotes and organizing delivery schedules, learning how to establish the professional relationships that are so important in a career. Working for a small company also allowed me to gain a more practical knowledge of every step a product takes before it reaches the customers—from the initial design phase, to the production of the finished product and the financial implications of the entire project. My colleagues at SEAMOR were all very kind and knowledgeable, always ready to answer my questions. They demonstrated the importance of collaboration, communication and strong leadership while working through engineering projects. By the end of my short time at SEAMOR Marine, I felt that I had really become a valued member of the team.  As I move forward in my career and continue to develop my skills, I know I shall always look back on my time here fondly.”

About Our ROVS

SEAMOR ROVs are designed to maximize the adaptability, portability, reliability, and ease of use.
Our ROV systems are designed with the end-user in mind. The modular, open-frame layout allows for ease of access into the “guts” of the vehicle, which also aids in the integration of equipment such as the SEAMOR 7 function manipulator system (7 H-Arm), tooling, navigational aids and inspection sensors.
SEAMOR ROV users count on the reliability of our vehicles and enjoy the minimal maintenance needed to keep their systems functioning smoothly.


Evolution of seamor rovs

SEAMOR Marine has been designing and developing ROVs for a decade.  Over this time, we have prototyped and successfully launched several different models and iterations of our ROVs.  We are proud to showcase our previous designs to demonstrate what we’ve done and how our ROVs have evolved over the years.

c. 2015
Our deep-water ROV, the Chinook is a true workhorse. This ROV offers a stable platform yet remains compact and easy to use. The Chinook has a wide range of capabilities, including extra thrusters, navigational and searching aids, manipulators, tool skids and more.

c. 2015
The first fully redesigned ROV at SEAMOR; the Steelhead is a portable, lightweight and stable underwater system that is easily operated through intuitive flight controls. Its small profile allows this vehicle to inspect confined spaces and be easily stowed.