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We manufacture the world’s most reliable, versatile & powerful underwater ROVs

For more than 30 years our innovative advancements in underwater remotely operated vehicles have changed the way the world sees the deep. SEAMOR Marine traces its roots to 1989, when our first-gen ROV technology was developed. New ownership in 2006 significantly evolved the robotics of our next-gen vehicles, expanding the limits of work and exploration in some of the ocean’s most dangerous conditions. For decades our ROVs have inspired learning, growth, and the protection of precious life-sustaining resources.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Our ROVs operate on every continent and in every major body of water around the globe.

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Keeping the Power & Water on

Our industry-proven ROVs help with the construction, inspection and maintenance of vital infrastructure that supports civilization. Their cameras and underwater tools allow crews to safely work on pipelines, reservoirs and dams that supply drinking water and electricity to families like yours.

Assisting in Search & Rescue Efforts

When accidents happen, forensic specialists use our ROVs in the underwater search and recovery of missing people, vehicles, and equipment. Acoustic search capabilities on our search vehicles provide visibility in murky conditions and minimize diver risk, conducting meaningful work that reunites families and friends or brings closure after an accident.

Protecting Marine Habitats

Scientists use our ROVs to go as deep as 600 meters for extended periods to observe and protect marine habitats. Our underwater research vehicle technology empowers university and government research teams with the ability to conduct underwater surveys, coral reef studies, aquaculture inspections, and shipwreck investigation.

Inspiring Industry Innovation

As an industry leader with a global network of dealers and clients, SEAMOR Marine is a hub of information for our clients and dealers. The open exchange of information and experience inspires innovation within the entire industry and drives the creation of new tools and features. 

Designing for Eco-sustainability

Our observation-class ROVs perform work in the marine field to help protect and preserve our environment, and therefore we feel it is our natural responsibility that they are designed with sustainability in mind. Our modular systems are designed to be maintained and repaired, rather than using throw-away components. SEAMOR ROVs run on electricity efficiently enough to operate on renewable energy storage systems in the field rather than traditional gasoline generators.

Our Vision

Come See the Deep

To inspire the world to discover the deep with the world’s most reliable, versatile and powerful ROVs.

Our Mission

To equip the world with the most innovative underwater technology so underwater explorers and scientists can work safely and productively.

Core Values

Collaboration – We work together, listen to each other, and value our differences to solve problems and reach our goals.

Family – We build strong, caring relationships that support each other and enrich our lives.

Adventure – We courageously take on new challenges with a flexible, creative, open-minded approach.

Act with Integrity – We do the right thing, take responsibility for our actions, and deal with others in a way that builds trust.

Growth – We encourage others to reach their maximum potential both personally and professionally.

Why CORE VALUES matter to us?

Collaboration is SEAMOR Marine’s focus value for 2023 and that is inspiring us to reflect on what makes great teams successful. According to Pat Johnston, recipient of SEAMOR Marine’s 2022 Leadership Award, the key to collaborative problem-solving is adaptability.

“Nothing goes as planned, things change, problems pop up, and you have to be able to just roll with it and change direction,” says Johnston, reflecting on 15 years at SEAMOR Marine. “All goals have a start and end point, and the line between these points is not always straight. What matters is the goal at the end and not how you get there.”

Nowhere has this been more evident in Pat’s new role as Production Manager. By facilitating a transition away from a ‘Build to Work Order’ model and toward a ‘Build from Inventory’ model using new software to centralize and streamline our MRP, our production team is now more flexible and efficient in delivering SEAMOR ROVs to valued clients around the world.

We are inspired by Pat’s example of adaptability in practice and look forward to discovering new ways to #collaborate more effectively in 2023!

Family is one of SEAMOR Marine’s core values and Lead Engineer Chris Parker is always careful to clarify what we mean by that.

“There’s no shortage of companies these days that make the claim they are ‘like a family’,” says Dr. Parker, “but usually this ends up meaning ‘family’ in all the worst ways. We’ve all heard the horror stories: employees told to answer their personal cell phones at any time of day, vacations having to be canceled at the last minute because the ‘family’ needs you, etc. It is ‘family’, but primarily only for the benefit of the people in charge.”

SEAMOR isn’t that kind of family. It is the kind of family that celebrates each other’s successes, that rallies together to support each other through times of struggle, and that recognizes the significant events that shape the course of each team member’s life.

“That makes coming to work something I genuinely look forward to,” Dr. Parker says, “and I think that that is reflected in the quality of the work that we do.”

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” ~ Abraham Maslow

GROWTH is one of our five core values here at SEAMOR Marine and we are proud that our team members embrace new opportunities to grow every day.

Jerry Jang, now in his fourth year at SEAMOR, specializes in electrical engineering and electronics which are both critical components of our inspection-grade Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). He recently welcomed the opportunity to host a live demo of our Chinook ROV for a group of budding young scientists during Science Sunday, an annual STEM event for kids hosted by Nanaimo Science.

“Public speaking events are always great for me as public speaking is a skill I would like to improve but don’t get a lot of opportunities to practice,” he reflected. “I have never been in a setting where the main audience is the children, so I was definitely out of my comfort zone.”

As a kid, Jerry recalls loving science and celebrating his interest in engineering by designing a rubber band-powered airplane for Science Day, a national event in Korea where he grew up. Other childhood memories, including a memorable visit to Vancouver’s Telus World of Science, inspired him to do the incredible work he does at SEAMOR Marine today. He hopes his involvement in Science Sunday demoing the Chinook ROV might have a similar impact on the next generations of scientists and engineers.

This growth mindset extends to Jerry’s role as electrical engineer at SEAMOR Marine as well. When faced with supply issues and various design challenges related to our regular components, Jerry took up the task of creating custom replacements for our ROV models. We take pride in these new components and celebrate Jerry’s willingness to grow through new challenges, both in the engineering lab and on the public stage.

When we embrace opportunities for GROWTH, we take a critical step toward reaching our full potential!

Jeff Smith, Director of Sales & Marketing at SEAMOR Marine, is not the type to be chained to a desk all day. This past month, he traveled to Winnipeg for an onsite, outdoor demo of our Chinook ROV for the Winnipeg Police Service. In true Manitoban winter conditions, Jeff was able to truly showcase the Chinook’s abilities as it plunged into the frigid waters of West Hawk Lake through a hole cut in the ice.

Look, marine science isn’t something that can be engaged with from the comfort of an ergonomic office chair,” Smith says. “You need to be getting rained on off the Atlantic coast, fighting the tide in a Pacific Northwest channel, or freezing your butt off on a frozen Manitoban lake to help clients understand how our ROVs actually handle and what they are capable of.”

We embrace Adventure because it is the only way we learn to overcome our limits.

About Our ROVs

SEAMOR ROVs have been designed with an engineering philosophy of modularity. This allows customers to select from a wide range of accessories and upgrades that can be added on to any of SEAMOR’s three flagship vehicles:

  • the Steelhead (a compact vehicle able to dive to 300 meters);
  • the Chinook (a powerful mid-weight vehicle with HD capability, able to dive to 600 meters;
  • the Mako (a large, open-bay ROV with heavy payload).

SEAMOR also offers a wide range of in-house designed and built accessories such as auxiliary cameras, lights, handheld control pendant, and grippers. A cutting-edge 7-funtion hydraulic arm is also being developed for complex manipulation/sample retrieval.

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“We have completed many inspections so far.  The video is incredible, especially in the potable water conduits we were inspecting! The Chinook system works great, very impressed with the fit and finish of the system.  Our clients and the consulting engineers were very impressed, too. SEAMOR is first rate in communications, all the staff, including the owner, Director & President, Robin,  makes time for you to answer any questions you have no matter when you inquire.”

Andy Croy
General Diving

“We drive the SEAMOR ROVs pretty hard – hundreds of hours per year – and they have performed well for us over a long period of time. They can handle all types of marine and freshwater environments and have the added benefit of high resolution imagery, intuitive control and great portability.”

Lance Stewardson
Mainstream Biological Consulting

“The SEAMOR Steelhead ROV has performed beyond our expectations. The power and stability of the vehicle allows for a very precise and fluid inspection. The video camera is high quality with a very good field of view and the rear camera is invaluable when performing tunnel inspections. During our recent project the Steelhead pulled its 1,640’ tether easily with no operational effects to the vehicle”.

Richard L. Glenn
Glenn Industrial Group, LLC

Evolution of SEAMOR ROVs

SEAMOR Marine has been designing and developing ROVs for a decade. Over this time, we have prototyped and successfully launched several different models and iterations of our ROVs.  We are proud to showcase our previous designs to demonstrate what we’ve done and how our ROVs have evolved over the years.

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