SEAMOR Marine was established in 2006 in the City of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast and in the spring of the following year, our adventure leapt forward with the purchase of the intellectual property rights from a local Nanaimo tech company, Inuktun Services Ltd., where Robin Li, President, previously worked.

Founded by Inja Ma and Robin Li, a husband and wife team, SEAMOR represents the entrepreneurial spirit of intrepid immigrants, dedicated to creating a successful venture in the founders’ new country. Inja transitioned her managerial skills drawn from a background in running educational programs to oversee material and human resources, finance and accounting at SEAMOR Marine. Robin drew from his previous experience in technical sales to see the potential in global markets.

SEAMOR Marine is a progressive company that specializes in the research, design and manufacture of subsea observation and inspection-class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). SEAMOR Marine is one of just a few subsea ROV companies in Canada that exports products all over the world. SEAMOR ROVs can now be found on every continent and in every major body of water. SEAMOR’s brand is gaining a strong reputation as a global leader providing powerful, reliable, versatile, quality technology and outstanding customer service. With over a decade of experience developing and manufacturing underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), our team is very proud to promote our unique underwater ROVs in global markets and continue to grow as an innovative leader in our industry.

Our Vision

Come See the Deep

We are good and creative people who help inspire the world to discover the deep.

Our Mission

We aim to bring the newest underwater technology to the world that can ultimately discover and support where humans have never touched. We give people the eye to uncover the deep.

Core Values

Collaboration – We work together, listen to each other, value our differences while taking on challenges and solving problems that create results for our customers, employees, suppliers, global partners and the communities that we serve.

Family – We are committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment. We share a responsibility to support our team members and enrich their lives.

Adventure – We are adventurous, creative and open minded in the type of work we do and the projects we take on and our creativity in finding solutions with new technology development.

Act with Integrity – We are honest and forthright in our dealings. Building trust builds a better product and in turn, a better company.

Growth – We are constantly aiming to grow both as individuals and as a company. We structure our work environment, so each person is enabled to create their best work and achieve their maximum potential. As each individual grows, so does the whole organisation, as well as the community in which we work.

About Our ROVs

SEAMOR ROVs have been designed with an engineering philosophy of modularity. This allows customers to select from a wide range of accessories and upgrades that can be added on to any of SEAMOR’s three flagship vehicles:

  • the Steelhead (a compact vehicle able to dive to 300 meters);
  • the Chinook (a powerful mid-weight vehicle with HD capability, able dive to 600 meters;
  • the Mako (a large, open-bay ROV with heavy payload).

SEAMOR also offers a wide range of in-house designed and built accessories such as auxiliary cameras, lights, handheld control pendant, and grippers. A cutting-edge 7-funtion hydraulic arm is also being developed for complex manipulation/sample retrieval.

SEAMOR Products

Evolution of SEAMOR ROVs

SEAMOR Marine has been designing and developing ROVs for a decade. Over this time, we have prototyped and successfully launched several different models and iterations of our ROVs.  We are proud to showcase our previous designs to demonstrate what we’ve done and how our ROVs have evolved over the years.

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