Underwater ROV Surveys

Underwater ROV surveys often utilize various technologies such as sonar systems, cameras, sensors, and specialized equipment to collect data and information from beneath the water’s surface. The specific type of survey conducted depends on the objectives, environment, and requirements of the particular project or study.

SEAMOR Marine has longstanding survey experience in many industries including those listed below.

Each of our ROVs can be customized to suit the type of inspection/surveying you are undertaking.

Common Types of ROV Surveys

  • Bathymetric Surveys. These surveys focus on mapping and measuring underwater topography, including depth, contours, and features of the seafloor or lake/river bed. Bathymetric surveys are crucial for navigation, marine construction, and understanding underwater landscapes.
  • Environmental Surveys. This research is varied in how and what it assess and monitors in underwater environments. They may involve studying marine life, biodiversity, water quality, pollution levels, and the impact of human activities on aquatic ecosystems.
  • Pipeline and Infrastructure Inspections. Underwater surveys are conducted to inspect and assess the condition of submerged pipelines, cables, bridges, dams, and other infrastructure. This helps identify potential issues, corrosion, or damage that may require maintenance or repair.
  • Search and Salvage Operations. Surveys are conducted to search for and recover lost or sunken objects such as ships, aircraft, cargo, or archaeological artifacts. These operations often require detailed underwater investigations and retrieval techniques. ROVs can also be used in extremely poor visibility for these tasks.
  • Archaeological Surveys. Underwater archaeology involves the exploration, documentation, and study of submerged historical sites, shipwrecks, ancient settlements, and artifacts.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Surveys. In the oil and gas sector, underwater ROV surveys are crucial for exploration, construction, and maintenance of offshore drilling platforms, pipelines, and subsea infrastructure. They ensure safety and efficiency in operations.
  • Hydrographic Surveys. Similar to bathymetric surveys, hydrographic surveys focus on mapping water depths, tidal currents, and collecting data for nautical charting, navigation, and maritime safety.

Survey tools recommended by SEAMOR

SEAMOR Marine ROVs are compatible with a large range of sonars. Being that sonars are the most popular surveying tool in the ROV industry, we made it our priority to match with several brands and sonar types. The benefit of sonar is that they are functional even in environments with no visibility. On the other hand, sonars are very expensive and can be in conflict with budget restraints. When it comes to certain visual inspection tasks, perhaps sonars are not even required.

Other common tools are bright lights, make sure you have top notch lights. We sell our separately for anyone needing an extra light or for those who do not have a SEAMOR ROV yet. HD cameras are also incredibly useful. Unless you are filming an underwater documentary in 4K, our HD cameras get your jobs done affordably and reliably. We also sell those in our online store.

The best recommendation we can offer you, is to come chat with us with all your specifics. We can then point you towards the best sonars, cameras, lights and ROV for the job.