Chinook tasked with marine environmental monitoring in the protected area of Portofino

The University of Genoa, in a collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, and facilitated through our Italian dealers Geomarine, recently purchased a Chinook ROV to perform underwater inspections and surveys on the seabed of the Italian ocean.

Featuring a combined HD/SD camera,scanning sonarUSBLgripper, and aSEAMOR black & white low-light auxiliary camera, this ROV was fully equipped to complete the biological oceanography and marine environmental monitoring work of the University.

As with all SEAMOR ROVs, this Chinook will be very useful for other purposes.  Itsversatile configurations will also be of great use to the Punta del Faro region, who hopes to use the ROV to enhance the area, including ensuring that the port is well maintained throughout the upcoming renewal of sport fishing expeditions in this area.