Top Inspection Class ROVs

Specific features and capabilities of the top inspection class ROVs can vary from one manufacturer to another. These common characteristics help ensure that the vehicles are well-suited for their primary role: inspecting and assessing underwater structures and equipment in a safe, efficient, and precise manner. As you already know, there are big quality gaps between manufacturers and how well each ROV can fulfill its designated obligations.

Things to look for if you want a top rated ROV

  • Compact Size
  • High-Quality Camera Systems
  • Strong Lighting
  • Precision Control and Navigation
  • Sensors
  • Sonar Systems
  • Manipulator Arms
  • Communication and Telemetry
  • Customization
  • Safety and Reliability
  • Depth Rating
  • Data Management and Reporting
  • User-Friendly Interface

Our SEAMOR ROVs have all of these features at the best price-quality ratio. To add to that list, we offer longevity of our vehicles and awesome customer service (just ask our community). Each of these points is worth its own post but we will go over why SEAMOR ROVs are TOP inspection class ROVs.

Size and Build

Inspection class ROVs are generally smaller and more compact compared to larger work-class ROVs. Their compact size allows them to maneuver in tight spaces and navigate complex underwater structures effectively. Our Steelhead and Chinook are able to pack a few accessories and sensors specific for inspection tasks in small spaces. Each ROV is custom built for our clients so we offer a lot more customizability than other manufacturers. Operators can choose from various payloads and equipment configurations to suit their needs and the base model selected. There are trade-offs between size, payload, flexibility, and price. These considerations are discussed with our engineers and sales team directly.

Once you have your brand new SEAMOR ROV, we help you make sure that it stays like new for a looong time. We want our ROVs to grow with your business. Our tech is constantly evolving and so are the customization options of our ROVs. Our modular designs allow for easy upgrades and maintenance. One of the biggest benefits of this is you can save thousands of $ over the span of a few years. You’re also saving on the hassle of having to purchase a new ROV every 5 years. Final bonus, you decrease your environmental footprint when you do not need a new ROV every few years.


Inspection class ROVs are equipped with systems for managing and storing inspection data. This data is critical for assessing the condition of underwater structures and making informed decisions. These ROVs typically come with a variety of sensors for collecting environmental data and equipment-specific information. This data can include depth, temperature, salinity, and other relevant measurements, helping operators assess the conditions during inspections. If you want better visuals, ROVs also come with cameras. SEAMOR uses a very affordable and sturdy HD camera. It is easy to plug into other systems in case you are still not part of the SEAMOR fleet.

Many top inspection class ROVs are equipped with sonar systems, which provide detailed images of the seafloor and underwater structures. Sonar is especially useful in situations where visual inspection is challenging due to poor visibility or complex structures. However, sonars are not usually part of the standard ROV model offered by their manufacturers. This is an additional reason you want a reliable and customizable ROV. Your sonar might very well be the most expensive part of your whole fleet so choose it wisely.

Other accessoires might include manipulator arms. While not as robust as those found on larger work-class ROVs, inspection class ROVs often feature smaller manipulator arms. These arms can handle basic tasks such as tool handling and minor maintenance or repairs. At SEAMOR we use a Dual Function Gripper. We do sell it separately because it is such a functional add-on even for non-SEAMOR ROVs.

Propulsion and Navigation

Inspection class ROVs have advanced control and navigation systems, allowing for precise maneuverability and stable operations. These systems enable operators to conduct inspections with high levels of accuracy. At SEAMOR we use a balanced system of thrusters to increase maneuverability compared to other ROVs. This, in combination with an intuitive interface makes our ROV missions as easy as they can be. Get SEAMOR thrusters if you are not ready to convert fully.

If you are ready to join the family or simply have questions, we are always happy to chat and/or set up a demo.