Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) have been an indispensable tool for underwater exploration, research, and maintenance. These vehicles are equipped with high-tech cameras, lights, and sensors that allow users to inspect, monitor, and repair underwater structures with ease. With advancements in technology, ROVs have become more sophisticated and customizable, offering a range of capabilities and functionalities. One of the key concepts that has revolutionized the ROV industry is modularity. SEAMOR has gone one step further and fully embraced hypermodularity in their ROVs. Here, we explain why that matters.

Benefits of SEAMOR Hypermodularity

  • Straightforward learning process for ROV pilots
  • Reduced need for sales and engineering consultations
  • Shields core IP from external interfaces and changes
  • Standardized interfaces allow for use of most third-party accessories
  • Reduced need for repairs and simplified repair system/process
  • Reduced down-time when something does go wrong
  • Can upgrade accessories/tools in use without having to get a new ROV
  • Money-saving
  • Reduced material waste throughout ROV life-time
  • This list goes on

What is modularity?

Modularity refers to the design principle of creating modular systems that are interchangeable and adaptable. In the context of ROVs, it means that different components of the vehicle can be easily removed and replaced, allowing users to customize their ROV to meet their specific needs.

Hypermodularity is taking modularity a step further. At SEAMOR many of the “sub-components” of our ROVs are also interchangeable. This means that you may not need to replace the whole component but only the damaged part. Many manufacturers use extra layers of epoxy and glue in the hopes of keeping water from getting into your ROV. However, this does not allow for an easy fix. Nor, is it as effective as one hopes. Often when something breaks, the whole system needs to be replaced. At SEAMOR we opt for industry grade seals and easy-access systems. Our technicians and engineers make sure your SEAMOR ROVs last you many years of fruitful operation. 

Another benefit of hypermodularity at SEAMOR is that users can choose from a range of payloads. You can add all sorts of tools such as cameras, lights, and manipulators, and switch them out as needed, making the ROV more versatile and efficient (and well worth investing in). Additionally, the modular design of SEAMOR Marine ROVs makes maintenance and repair much simpler, as users can quickly replace damaged components, or sub-components, without having to send the entire ROV back for service. This saves you a lot of time and money, especially in the long term.

Customized SEAMOR ROV

In summary: Hypermodularity of SEAMOR ROVs

  • Customization: With a hypermodular ROV, users can choose from a range of components and configure their ROV to meet their specific needs. This makes the ROV more versatile and adaptable.
  • Improved Efficiency: Hypermodularity allows users to quickly swap out components as needed, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.
  • Easy Maintenance: The design of hypermodular ROVs, makes maintenance and repair much simpler. Users can quickly replace damaged components without having to send the entire ROV back for service.
  • Increased Versatility: By allowing users to switch out components, hypermodular ROVs can perform a wide range of tasks, making them ideal for a variety of underwater applications.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With a hypermodular ROV, users can purchase only the components they need, reducing overall costs and increasing value for money.


Hypermodularity is a game-changing concept in the ROV industry, offering a range of benefits for users. SEAMOR ROVs are the prime example of hypermodular design, offering a high degree of customization, versatility, and efficiency. Whether you’re looking to explore the depths of the ocean, conduct underwater research, or perform maintenance on underwater structures, SEAMOR  ROVs offer the perfect solution. Check out our case studies or news for more examples.