These ROVs save you money

Opting for a modular ROV saves you money but there is more to it than that. How these ROVs save you money varies significantly depending on the specific modular design, the frequency of operations, and the quality of the ROV. While it is challenging to provide an exact dollar value due to the variability, we highlight potential areas where you can save money.

Maintenance Costs

Modular ROVs typically allow for faster repairs and component replacements. This can significantly reduce downtime during maintenance, enabling more operational hours and potentially saving thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per instance of downtime, depending on the scale of operations.

Swapping out modular components generally requires less specialized expertise and time compared to overhauling non-modular ROVs, thereby reducing labor costs associated with maintenance.

Upgradability and Adaptability

Modular designs allow for incremental upgrades rather than complete overhauls. This approach can save a substantial amount of money by avoiding the need to purchase entirely new ROVs to access improved technology or capabilities. Instead of buying multiple specialized ROVs for various tasks, a modular system enables the purchase of specific modules or tools, potentially saving a significant amount on capital expenditure.

Operational Continuity

Quick-swappable components in modular ROVs can ensure that operations continue even in the event of a breakdown, thereby minimizing revenue loss in industries where downtime directly impacts profitability (e.g., oil and gas, underwater construction).

Long-Term Savings

Upgradability and adaptability of modular ROVs can extend their operational lifespan. This extension can save considerable capital by postponing the need for purchasing new ROVs for several years.

Logistical Efficiency

Interchangeable parts among different ROVs can streamline spare parts inventory management, potentially reducing costs associated with excess inventory and inventory management.

How else can your ROV save you money?

When you buy a new ROV, think about the following before making your final decision. It does not all come down to the upfront cost of the ROV. Many times it is even advisable to opt for a more expensive but higher quality ROV at the beginning. In the long-term these ROVs are more likely to make your money back.

  • Initial Acquisition Cost. The upfront price of the ROV is an obvious consideration. Understanding the initial purchase price is fundamental in budget planning.
  • Long-Term Investment vs. Initial Cost. Sometimes, a higher upfront cost might be justifiable if it leads to reduced operational expenses or extended operational life.
  • Operational Costs
    • Maintenance and Repairs
    • Energy Consumption
  • Upgradability and Customization Costs (only for long-lived ROVs like ours at SEAMOR Marine)
  • Training and Personnel Costs. Complex systems require more training and that ups the cost, sometimes unnecessarily.
  • Technology and Features. Do you really need the fanciest toys or would a sturdy, reliable one do?

In some cases, the savings could be substantial, potentially adding up to thousands annually, especially in industries where downtime, maintenance, and equipment upgrades significantly impact costs and revenue. SEAMOR Marine has been dedicated to this cause since 2006. Our ROVs are known for their quality and longevity. They’re an asset, not a money sink.