ROV Thrusters – SEAMOR Edition

ROV thrusters are not all built the same, nor are they used in the same manner. SEAMOR has perfected the art of ROV thrust in its many years of service.

Vector Thrust

Vector thrust is a term used to describe the capability of an underwater thruster to control both the magnitude and direction of its thrust. It is important in the ROV industry because it allows ROVs to move in multiple directions and control their position with greater precision and accuracy. This is especially important in underwater applications, where ROVs may need to navigate complex environments, maneuver in tight spaces, or perform tasks that require precise control.

SEAMOR Thrusters

SEAMOR Marine uses both vertical and horizontal thrusters on their ROVs. The thrusters are placed in different locations on the ROV depending on the specific model and the application for which it is designed. The placement and number of thrusters can impact the quality and performance of an ROV. For example, having a larger number of thrusters can provide greater control and stability, but it can also add weight and increase the complexity of the system. On the other hand, having a smaller number of thrusters can simplify the system, reduce weight, and lower costs, but it can also limit the ROV’s maneuverability.

The placement of thrusters on an ROV is determined by several factors

  1. Balance
  2. Maneuverability
  3. Task requirements
  4. Payload
  5. Hydrodynamics

The number of thrusters required for an ROV depends on several factors

  1. Task requirements
  2. Size and weight of the ROV
  3. Budget
  4. Availability of thrusters
  5. Power and energy

SEAMOR ROVs balance the needs for both optimal thrust, maneuverability, ease of use, power requirements, and payload. Our ROVs can withstand extreme temperatures, poor visibility, choppy seas, tight spaces, drag, and currents. This is in part due to the placement of our thrusters, the high-quality of the thrusters themselves, and a perfected balancing act by our engineers.

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