ROV Structural Components

Here is a short list of ROV structural components of a typical mid-sized model. Each brand has a different design. The quality between ROVs varies based on material choices. Some brands prefer to produce cheap and fast models that have short life spans. In contrast, at SEAMOR, we choose quality and longevity so you get more a lot more use out of your ROV. However, all ROVs have to follow some standard “rules” and have similar parts.

Component List

  • The main body or “pressure housing”. This is the central structure of the ROV that encloses the electronics and control systems, and provides buoyancy. It is usually made of a strong, lightweight material such as aluminum or titanium, and is designed to withstand the pressure of the water at the operating depth.
  • The propulsion system. ROVs are typically equipped with multiple thrusters that allow them to move in different directions. These thrusters can be electric or hydraulic, and are usually located at the corners of the main body.
  • The control and communication system. This includes the electronic controls, power supplies, and communication systems that allow the ROV to be operated remotely. This system also includes sensors like cameras, sonar and other instruments used for collecting data and observation.
  • The tether. ROVs are connected to the surface via a heavy-duty umbilical cable that provides power and communications. This tether can be either a single conduit or a bundle of multiple conduits, depending on the requirements of the specific ROV.
  • Lights. ROVs are equipped with a lighting system to help with visibility, this can be either spot lights or array of lights.
Customized SEAMOR ROV


  • Our Main Body. We use adonized aluminum and stainless steel for our ROV frames. These materials are hardy and can withstand harsh environments. With the right care, your ROV can last you over a decade. Additionally, we use syntactic foam and marine-grade polymers for buoyancy and other features. Overall, we strive to provide you the best quality ROVs on the market.
  • Our Propulsion System. We have our very own thrusters. We utilize high quality 150W Maxon DC motors and gearboxes. These thrusters come with many benefits, you can read more here.
  • Our Control and Communication System. Our models accommodate a wide variety of cameras, sonars and other gadgets. Some of our favourites include industry leaders: Imagenex and Tritech. To make work easier, we opt for intuitive controls and sensors to keep your ROV safe. For example, SEAMOR Marine has a built-in leak detection system in all its ROVs.

Why Choose SEAMOR Marine?

What makes our ROVs unique is their ability to grow with your business. SEAMOR Marine ROVs can last you over a decade but perhaps you need to expand on your jobs in that same time. Our standard ROV structural components are better than the industry standard. We use a modular frame which allows for payload changes and swapping of accessories depending on your configuration. At the end of the day, we help you save money AND do high quality work.

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