Press Releases

Inspecting 150-year-old underwater architecture

Legacy SEAMOR ROVs continue to do important work.  One of our 300F vehicles was recently used to inspect a structure originally built in 1882 in Australia. Built to last, our vehicles are tough and durable while offering exceptional user experience while...

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SEAMOR ROV completes dam inspection on the Jinsha River

Our SEAMOR ROV was out inspecting the Longkaikou dam on the Jinsha river in the Yunnan province of China. Our ROVs are excellent tools for hydro dam inspection as they are easy to fly and can get in close to ensure the structure is in good shape. Our...

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ROVs for aquaculture inspection

March 9, 2018 SEAMOR President, Robin Li, worked together with our local dealers, Aqua ROV, at a Marine Harvest aquaculture site in Chile. Our ROV will be integral for net and pen inspection, providing the company with real-time video of the...

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