The SEAMOR ROV Accessories

You all know that SEAMOR ROVs are compatible with a very wide range of tools and add-ons but we have our own line of SEAMOR ROV accessories too.

Equipping an ROV with multiple accessories offers several benefits, including increased versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By integrating various tools and sensors onto a single ROV, pilots can perform a wide range of inspection tasks without the need for additional equipment or specialized ROVs. This versatility enhances operational flexibility, enabling the ROV to adapt to different environments and tasks with ease. Additionally, having multiple accessories onboard streamlines the inspection process, as operators can switch between tools seamlessly during operations. This matters when you want to reduce downtime and maximize productivity. Last but not least, consolidating accessories onto a single ROV lowers procurement and maintenance costs. You only need to invest in and maintain one ROV instead of multiple specialized systems. This is also why the SEAMOR ROV modular design, along side the sleuth of SEAMOR, and other, ROV accessories, is a big bonus for your business.

Affordable, Quality Marine Auxiliary Camera

The SEAMOR Marine Auxiliary Camera is an easily installed and re-positionable standard definition colour or black and white camera. All aspects of the camera are pressure tested to 600 metres. The entire unit is serviceable by SEAMOR or an authorized dealer. In contrast to other companies’ cameras which cannot be repaired, the SEAMOR Auxiliary Camera can. Other benefits of the SEAMOR Camera include; the low power needs, lightweight, and it is compatible with the vast majority of ROVs out there.

High Res Camera

Excellent Thrusters

SEAMOR Marine’s thrusters are well respected for their high performance and rugged design. The powerful and specially designed props and nozzles provide high thrust values for their relative size. Left- and right-handed propellers are available to meet end users’ needs, as well as our own. Each thruster is constructed from anodized marine-grade aluminum and fully tested before leaving the premise. All SEAMOR ROVs make use of our thrusters, that is how much we trust them. However, if you do not have a SEAMOR ROV, they’re likely compatible with your ROVs anyway. They are affordable and ready for stand-alone online purchases from our store.

SEAMOR Thruster

Handy Dual Function Gripper

The SEAMOR Dual Function Gripper can easily maneuver into a pick-up position to retrieve objects up to 90 mm (3.5”) diameter. The 360-degree continuous wrist rotation allows the jaws to be placed in the optimum gripping position as well as turning objects for placement or to use as a winding tool. If you’re interested in cutting fishing lines or small ropes, we also sell a cutter attachment for the gripper. Its small size, light weight and simple plug-in, make it a wonderful add-on for any ROV.

Bright Marine Auxiliary Light

The SEAMOR Auxiliary Light is pressure tested and rated to 600 meters. With a 125-degree beam angle and cool white LEDs, it allows objects to be seen just how nature intended. Great for task-specific operations or used in conjunction with a vehicle’s main lighting system to remove shadows. Holding true to SEAMOR modular designs, the entire unit is serviceable. Various components of the Auxiliary Light can be serviced individually without having to replace the entire product. To make the light compatible with a wide range of systems, it has low power requirements and a large voltage range.

seamor rov light

If you are one of the lucky individuals who do have their very own SEAMOR ROV, or you would like to get on, give us a call. We are happy to build you an ROV with the tools (SEAMOR accessories or not) you need to have a successful business.