Environmental Footprint – ROV edition

Your choice of ROV can greatly impact your environmental footprint. Climate change is on everyone’s agenda nowadays, and for very good reasons. However, reducing your environmental footprint as a business is not always straightforward.

Choosing a SEAMOR ROV can help reduce your footprint in several ways, including the following list.

Minimizing the need for human divers and manned vehicles

SEAMOR ROVs can perform a wide range of underwater tasks, including inspections, surveys, and research, without the need for large teams. This reduces the need for human divers, which can be costly, time-consuming, and have a more significant environmental impact. Getting everyone to and from the job site, the extra equipment and the longer work hours all add a little bit more to your footprint.

Reducing underwater disturbance

SEAMOR ROVs can be maneuvered non-intrusively and minimize underwater disturbance, which can help reduce the impact on marine ecosystems and sensitive underwater environments. 

Improving data accuracy and efficiency

Our ROVs are equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and other technology that provide high-quality data with greater accuracy and efficiency. This reduces the need for multiple surveys and inspections, which can reduce the environmental impact of underwater activities.

Saving energy and reducing emissions

We power our ROVs by high-efficiency electric motors that consume less energy than traditional hydraulic systems. This reduces the environmental impact of underwater activities by reducing energy consumption and emissions.

Reducing the amount of resources used

Our new Mako 2023 can grow with your business with its higher and more flexible payload. Every time a new ROV, or any other item, is bought and produced, you add considerably to your environmental footprint. One of the easiest ways to save money, do quality work, and help the environment is to use your equipment longer. SEAMOR ROVs are top of the list in the ROV market when it comes to durability, quality and ease of use. Get in touch for a demo.

Here are some numbers that may get you thinking

1 kg of aluminum = 14.3 CO2e/kg (31.5 CO2e/kg)

Global plastic production = 4.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions (more than the footprint of all of Canada!)

1 ROV = minimum 1 metric ton of CO2 emissions


ROVs are crucial for any marine business. This is why your choice of ROV matters. Consider its durability, the quality of materials used to build the ROV, ease to maintain and fix (SEAMOR is a pro at this plus we have amazing customer support), and how you plan to use the ROV.

Consider our Mako 2023 as this model is a blend of inspection and working class ROVs. It can handle many jobs for a fraction of the price of a working class ROV. The Mako 2023 has a flexible payload and at SEAMOR we only use top quality materials so our ROVs can stay with you a long, long time.