CENTENNIAL, COLORADO, USA, OCTOBER 20, 2020 – Marine Diving Solutions (MDS) provides marine diving and construction operations nationwide and has years of diving experience with exceptional skills in underwater construction, welding, repairs, maintenance, fabrications and inspections. MDS is a Veteran-owned and operated company in Colorado and has proven experience and cutting-edge equipment to meet your underwater diving service needs in challenging environments.

“At Marine Diving Solutions we’ve been very satisfied with the performance of our SEAMOR Marine Steelhead ROV. The ROV is easy to fly and very stable and we have successfully been carrying out conduit inspections at depths of 120 feet, while penetrating distances over 350 feet recently. The Steelhead is an ideal vehicle for inshore inspection work in complex, confined water environments such as a hydro plant or potable water facility”.

Donald B. Lopez, P.E., Project Manager