TUUSULA, FINLAND, AUGUST 4, 2020 – Loxus Technologies 3D Tunnel Inspections Oy is a leader in Europe in inspections of underwater tunnels and pipelines with over 20 years of experience in professional diving operations and is a pioneer in 3D robotics technology. Loxus uses a SEAMOR Marine Chinook for cost effective inspections in low visibility and without emptying the tunnels. They affectionately call the ROV the “Chinook SISU”, which is a unique Finnish term denoting extraordinary strength and courage.

“At Loxus we are passionate about underwater tunnels and 3D robotics and we are very happy with the performance of our Chinook SISU made in Canada by SEAMOR Marine. The ROV is cutting edge, multipurpose and suitable for smaller diameter tunnels at distances up to 3,000 meters! The custom skid carried by the Chinook allows us to easily create 3D models of tunnels and the ROV is extremely reliable – it has already inspected three tunnels in July.”

Mikko Simola
CEO and Owner
Loxus Technologies 3D Tunnel Inspections Oy