HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, JANUARY 12, 2021 – Founded in 1969, Dominion Diving Ltd. is based in Halifax Harbour and is one of Canada’s leading marine service contractors. The uniquely skilled and experienced 40-person team operate and maintain an extensive fleet of 6 ROVs and 7 multipurpose vessels including a recently acquired Multicat tug, the Dominion Warrior. Dominion serves a variety of industries including marine construction, offshore energy, scientific research, shipping and fishing, and has built an unrivalled reputation as a true industry leader.

“The Chinook is one of my favourite ROVs – its compact size and auto features make any job easy, big or small! Its powerful thrusters comfortably handle strong ocean currents, and it’s size has allowed me to explore the interior of a sunken warship. The auto depth and auto heading features are invaluable while navigating around bottom hazards without stirring up silt on the seabed

LaRae Davies, ROV Pilot, Dominion Diving