MOUNT PEARL, NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR, CANADA, DECEMBER 7, 2020 – Sea-Force Diving, established 1996, is a commercial diving contractor in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada with extensive experience in all types of underwater work, including in marine inspection and maintenance, working with the Government of Canada, NL Power and private industry, in shore, near shore and offshore. The company has grown substantially since inception and the management team combines over 100 years of diving related operations experience. Sea-Force utilizes the latest technologies available, including ROVs, and are committed to the continued support of diving projects in the province, for the benefit of the province.

“This new addition of a Chinook ROV from SEAMOR Marine to our current ROV assets is our third ROV from SEAMOR. It’s a great observation ROV and a fantastic little workhorse”.

Tony O’Driscoll, QHSE/Operations Manager at Sea-Force Diving and Sea-Force Hyperbaric