Water Pressure – Challenge Accepted

Water pressure has a significant impact on ROVs. As an ROV descends into the depths of the ocean, it experiences increasing water pressure due to the weight of the water column above it.

Here are some considerations:

Structural Integrity

Water pressure can exert immense force on the ROV’s body and components, potentially causing structural damage or failure if it’s not built to handle the specific depth. SEAMOR ROVs can go as deep as 300m or 600m depending on their chosen configuration.

Pressure Compensation

These systems use a combination of fluids and flexible membranes to equalize the pressure inside and outside the vehicle. By maintaining internal pressure at a level close to the external pressure, they help prevent leaks, collapse, or other damage. SEAMOR has added a built-in leak detection system to all its critical components. Due to its modularity, even at the smallest scale, in case a leak is detected, usually only small repairs are required.

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Buoyancy Control

ROVs often use ballast systems to adjust their buoyancy and control their depth. The water pressure at different depths affects the buoyancy calculations and the amount of ballast required to maintain neutral buoyancy. Operators must take into account the pressure changes to ensure the ROV remains stable and maneuverable. SEAMOR Marine ROVs are notoriously easy to fly, even in tight spaces and in poor visibility.

Propulsion Efficiency

Water pressure affects the efficiency of propulsion systems on an ROV. As pressure increases, the density of the water also increases, leading to increased resistance to the movement of the ROV. This resistance can impact the ROV’s speed and maneuverability, requiring adjustments in propeller size, power, or control algorithms to optimize performance.

Overall, water pressure is a critical factor in the design, operation, and maintenance of remotely operated vehicles. Engineers and operators must carefully consider the pressure effects to ensure the vehicle’s structural integrity, functionality, and mission success at various depths.

SEAMOR Marine prides itself in having found the balance between workability in harsh environments, price, quality and ROV longevity. Get in touch for a demo to see for yourself!