PUERTO MONTT, CHILE, JANUARY 19, 2023 – We are always excited to receive the feedback from our amazing customers. Jaime, the seasoned ROV pilot, compared SEAMOR ROVs to others, and clearly sees SEAMOR ROVs as far superior.  Here’s what Jaime Torres Leiva had to say:

“The SEAMOR Steelhead has been one of the most stable ROVs I have worked with in terms of its operation and performance. I congratulate the SEAMOR team for all the great ROVs you make. At the moment, I am also operating ROVs manufactured in China.  The somatosensory experience of these ROVs has been challenging. There is a huge difference with SEAMOR ROVs, which are very intuitive in terms of their operation, and that makes them much easier to deploy and maneuver.

I am an ROV pilot working in the southern zone of Chile – Puerto Montt, Aysen and Punta Arenas, working primarily with fish farms. In addition, we have done hull inspections with our SEAMOR ROV. Here in Chile, in the aquaculture area, ROVs are used a lot.  The best thing about our SEAMOR ROV is its balance in terms of response and ability to deliver on the requirements of the job.  It is unbeatable compared to other ROVs that I have had the opportunity to operate.

There is no comparison between a SEAMOR ROV and other systems I’ve operated; by far, SEAMOR ROVs are more professional. Although it  may be more expensive than some others, it is much more professional and user-friendly. In addition to being energized and operated from the surface, its operation time is unlimited.

Thanks to you for designing an excellent ROVs! The SEAMOR ROV is great!

My respectful greetings and congratulations to the entire team at SEAMOR Marine!! A hug from a distance.

With regards,

Jaime Torres Leiva

ROV Pilot