NANAIMO, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, AUGUST 23, 2022 – Co-op opportunities are so important to student employability and success. By working in jobs related to their program of study, students gain valuable work experience—experience that enables them to develop a network of contacts, add marketable skills to their resumé, and offset the cost of higher education.

The technology that we work on here at SEAMOR Marine is truly innovative and we are invested in the future of young engineers. The company also benefits from the perspective they bring to our organization. Summer 2022 brought us two forward thinking co-op students.

Sasha has been studying at University of British Columbia and worked this summer with the Engineering team in the role of Electrical Engineering Technician. This was Sasha’s first co-op, and he had an opportunity to explore several projects including thruster testing, hardware design and analysis, troubleshooting, creating templates for product data sheets and his favourite project – Python data processing software development.

Sasha is very appreciative of all that he gained from his time at SEAMOR. He commented on some of his big takeaways such as, “learning how to troubleshoot when you hit roadblocks, looking at different approaches, even learning how to frame ‘asking for help’.”

Jerry Jang our Electrical Engineer and Sasha’s mentor had this to share – “It was a great pleasure to work with Sasha. He’s smart, very easy to get along with, and overall, a decent human being. We all thank him for his valuable work and wish him the best of luck!”

The other half of our dynamic summer duo was Zach who came to us from UBC Okanagan, and worked with the Engineering team in the role of Engineering Research Associate. Zach is going into his fourth year, but this was his first co-op experience. With a keen interest in robotics, he was excited to have this placement at SEAMOR. Zach let us know that this summer co-op experience has really solidified his passion for the robotics field.

Zach worked on our Gantry System, which is the lift-hoist in the service bay, thruster rig testing and his favourite project the linear actuator system in our next generation pressure vessel.

“It’s been wonderful having Zach as part of the Engineering Team this summer. In addition to the great work he did completing his assigned projects, he also assisted other co-op students with their projects. All of us in Engineering wish him all the best in his continuing studies!” said Chris Parker, Lead Engineer.

SEAMOR Marine is proud to play a part in the practical, “real-world” education of these future engineers.  We thank our Summer 2022 students for their hard work and contributions, and we wish them every success as they return to university this fall.