Search and Recovery – SEAMOR Marine ROVs in the field

When the worst case scenario happens, SEAMOR Marine ROVs can be trusted to get the job done.

Search and Recovery is a challenging and important application where our ROVs have been able to assist law enforcement agencies and SAR teams. In a recent missing person case in Chatham County, North Carolina; law enforcement officials used the Chinook ROV to find and recover the body of a 18-year-old man who had been missing for over a week in the area of Sugar Lake.

Seeking victims underwater is difficult, and the conditions can be dangerous for the search teams as well. Underwater hazards, poor visibility, and extended exposure to cold temperatures are all dangerous for divers. Using an ROV greatly reduces the danger to personnel doing this work. Additional tools such as sonar and high powered lights mounted right on the vehicle also help with locating targets and ensuring clear visibility.

SEAMOR ROVs are used for Search and Recovery in many states and provinces across North America. We are proud to have our vehicles do this important work, and our company continues to work with SAR teams to ensure they can do their searches safely.

For more details on SEAMOR Marine’s ROV in North Carolina, please see this two-part video series by the local news station.