VERACRUZ, MEXICO, APRIL 28, 2023 – SEAMOR Marine ROVs can be found in the hands of expert ROV pilots all over the world. Today, we want to highlight the exceptional work of the expert diving team at MEYAHICHHA , a marine inspection company based in Veracruz, Mexico, who have integrated our Chinook ROV as a key asset in their offshore operations.

With a focus on environmental and industry applications, Meyah Ich Ha provides top quality marine inspection services to corporate clients, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in the caribbean. Their company name, derived from the Mayan words for ‘work’, ‘inside’, and ‘water’, reflects their focus and commitment to providing exceptional service for marine-based industries.

SEAMOR’s Chinook ROV is an essential player in Meyah Ich Ha’s professional diving operations which see teams diving oceans, lakes, and rivers for a full range of inspection applications. Using the Gemini 720is Tritech International Limited sonar as a compatible third-party add-on, the team uses the Chinook to safely and accurately assess the condition of structures and pipes without putting divers at unnecessary risk.

The Chinook’s portability, maneuverability, and reliability are the three fundamental features that have established its world-wide reputation as a premium inspection class ROV. Thank you to Meyah Ich Ha for choosing SEAMOR Marine and for helping to show the world all that our Chinook ROV can do!