SEAMOR Marine Ltd. Recently Delivered a Deep Water System to New Zealand

SEAMOR Marine Ltd. recently launched a deep water system to a new customer in the remote area of Fiordland, New Zealand.

Rob Swale, owner and skipper of charter boats “The Fiordland Jewel” and “Fiordland Discovery” purchased a 600 meter depth-rated ROV from SEAMOR Marine Ltd.  The Chinook system was equipped with a studio-quality high definition camera with four additional LED floodlights.  The video quality is superior compared to what other ROVs offer.  Swale wanted to show his clients the spectacular variety of sea life in the Southern Ocean; SEAMOR provided the Chinook with the ability to send Blu-ray quality video up to on-board high definition screens in real-time.

The 600-meter rating of the Chinook allows passengers on The Fiordland Jewel the opportunity to experience underwater vistas nearly twice as deep than even the most experienced deep-water scuba diver would be able to see. Only the SEAMOR Chinook can offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity glimpse into the depths of this World Heritage site.

For Swale and his team, learning how to launch and operate the Chinook quickly and easily meant they would be able to start using the system immediately.  All of SEAMOR Marine Ltd.’s ROVs are designed to be launched by hand and include compact control panels and electric reels for easy deployment.