SEAMOR Marine Ltd. announces the launch of a new Auxiliary Camera

An innovative product has been launched by SEAMOR Marine Ltd. An in-house designed and produced Auxiliary Camera has been developed to expand the capabilities of a underwater remotely-operated vehicles (ROV).

SEAMOR, producers of the very popular Chinook and Steelhead ROVs, have found a solution to the need for additional quality cameras that can easily be installed and used with a variety of ROVs. An easily-installed and respositionable full standard definition colour or black and white camera opens up a world of new possibilities for ROV pilots. Being able to view a different angle, behind the ROV, or close-up on a manipulator will provide even more reliable information for pilots to operate and maneuver their vehicles.

“We are excited about offering a high quality camera that is so adaptable, and very competitively priced” says Mr. Robin Li, SEAMOR Marine Ltd. President. “Like all our products, we have ensured that it can be used in a variety of applications. Its a great add-on for any ROV and an affordable tool to expand the capabilities for underwater work.”

The Auxiliary Camera produced by SEAMOR Marine features a top-of-the-line full resolution NTSC or PAL camera. This camera has been designed with integrated neutral-white LED lighting, which further enhances the camera’s fine sensitivity.

SEAMOR’s Engineering department designed this camera to operate with low power, and wide voltage range. This light weight camera (175 grams in the air, 80 grams in water) is equipped with industry sub-sea standard connectors that make it compatible with any SEAMOR ROV, or as a stand alone camera. These cameras can also be used with other ROVs, or mounted onto a divers’ helmet if needed.

Work in underwater environments requires a tough camera. The same rugged and durable design that SEAMOR put into its ROVs has been incorporated into the Auxiliary Camera. All aspects of the camera are pressure tested to 600 metres. The entire unit is serviceable by SEAMOR or an authorized dealer. In contrast to other companies’ cameras which cannot be repaired, the SEAMOR Auxiliary Camera can be repaired – a 1-year limited warranty on failed parts is provided, and further servicing can be specifically targeted to the segment affected, such as the electronics or the camera, without having to repair the entire unit.

This product is available for pre-order now for fulfillment in October 2016.