SEAMOR Chinook discovers downed Soviet plane from 1941 in Finland

IMAGE: Chinook ROV being deployed Photo credit: Warkauden Lehti

Our Finnish dealer, Mikko Simola from Loxus Technologies Oy, recently deployed a Chinook ROV to help locate and explore a downed USSR aircraft. The plane, a bomber, is now located at the bottom of a lake in the Joroisten area, after having been downed during the Continuation War (part of WWII) in 1941 by Finnish destroyers.

The Chinook ROV used is a 2000 meter, fiber optic tether model. With GPS, and echo sounding sonars that have been added on to the ROV, the Chinook was able to take great-quality image and relay valuable information back to the operators.  The findings are shared with the Finnish Aviation Museum to determine if an airplane wreck can be retrieved.

While Mikko Simola’s and Loxus Technologies‘ previous expertise with SEAMOR ROVs is with industrial pipelines, water supply tunnels, and water tanks inspection, he is very interested in the challenges of searching for lost objects underwater.

SEAMOR ROVs  have been used in a wide variety of archaeological, search and recovery, and research applications.


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