ROVs Are Made to Go Deep

SEAMOR ROVs are made to go deep. Taking a dive of up to 600m or 1968.5 feet is not for the faint of heart or those with weak bones. Overcoming the challenges of 60x the pressure at the surface takes a considerable amount of engineering.

Here are some tell-tale signs your ROVs are made to go deep

Your dealership and manufacturer have designed and tested the ROVs to the specific depth rating themselves. You’ll want to listen to their own experiences and challenges that they faced in the process. A good manufacturer, like SEAMOR, will have gone through several iterations and many years of experience to come up with the best solution. Even better is when the ROVs come recommended by others in the industry. AND when current users have stayed true to their current models for a long time.

ROVs that are made to go deep will make use of several redundancy systems. This to mitigate the risk of equipment failure or loss. Emergency buoyancy systems, redundant power supplies, and contingency plans for communication loss are just a few examples of safety measures. Basically, they are important in ensuring a ROV’s safe operation and recovery. Your chosen ROV manufacturer should be able to write you a book on all these features and they should be able to answer all your questions without hesitation.

Thirdly, you’ll want steady and strong thrusters. The SEAMOR thrusters are renowned for their quality performance, affordability, and longevity. We carefully design our ROVs to be easily maneuverable, even at 600m deep. This is in part thanks to our thrusters, and in part the ingenious cuboid modular design of our ROVs. If you do not believe us, come and test the ROVs for yourself.

Last but not least, ask about temperature control, buoyancy control, and sensor and payload integration. All of these aspects vary from model to model and from mission to mission. However, your manufacturer and dealership should be able to give you the specific specs for the ROV of interest. At SEAMOR we use different materials and mechanisms to ensure our ROVs are depth worthy.

SEAMOR ROV for pipeline maintenance, pipeline inspection, pipeline repair solutions

SEAMOR ROVs for your deep dives

  • Hyper-Modularity. SEAMOR ROVs are customisable to your specific requirements. Not only can you choose your accessories from a very long list of compatibilities, we also offer various payload options for our Mako. Additionally, each component of our ROVs can be switched out separately. This means you can save time and money in maintaining and repairing your ROV. In the long term it can mean a difference of thousands of dollars each year compared to similar models from other brands.
  • Light-Weight Materials. Because we have committed to ease of use, we opt for light-weight materials when possible. Our Chinook, Steelhead, and Coho only require a crew of one.
  • High-Quality Materials and Design. We do not cheap out on quality. SEAMOR ROVs live long, productive lives when cared for appropriately.
  • Maneuverability. Our thruster placement offers an easy to fly ROV. They are the perfect ROVs for inspection jobs in tight, small, and deep places.
  • The Best Customer Support. Your success is our goal and we are there to support you through your challenges.