ROV Prices – What to Consider?

ROV prices can range anywhere from a few thousand to millions of dollars. Obviously, those reaching into the millions are rather rare. But, it can still be confusing when researching which ROV is right for you. Spending more does not equal a better fit for the job. Nor does it always equal better quality either. As annoying as it may be, when determining how much you should spend on your ROV – our answer is: it depends. 

The cost of an ROV, partially, depends on the expected core task functions and usage length. To create an ROV suited for industrial settings, consider that different models accommodate different addons. Micro-ROVs only cost a few thousand dollars. However, they are basically tiny robots that hold a simple camera. On the other end of the spectrum, you can have ROVs that require huge cranes to be lifted in and out of the water. Many of these ROVs are used for ocean exploration. They weigh almost as much as they cost. Neither of these are likely to be very useful for day-day operations in most industries. 

So, what lies between the two extremes?

The answer to that question is that there is A LOT to be found between the two poles of this spectrum. The most important information to consider is what the task at hand is. Include thoughts on environmental conditions and the desired quality of the ROV. It is best to get one that can last you many years. ROV prices vary greatly so also consider your budget and long-term plans. ROVs are meant to be an investment, not a money drain. Depending on the needs you just discovered, you are ready to choose which accessories or addons your ROV will have.

To Addon or Not to Addon?

When choosing addons, keep in mind,  the newest features are marketed to provide enhanced automation, tracking, vision, and depth features. But, they can come at a high cost and they might not even benefit the job at hand. ROV prices vary so much, in part due to these addons and in part due to variations in quality and customer service. To save money while shopping for your ROV, avoid getting distracted by impressive specs, fancy names and big numbers. Focus on who can provide the best quality and customer service within your budget. Navigation packages can cost $20,000 to $100,000, and sometimes even more. The price depends on the range and precision. Simple sonars start around  $6,000 and the more sophisticated sonars can run up to $300,000. 

Straightforward inspections in calm, shallow water may not need any of these fancy addons. In this case you would benefit from lower cost, but durable, standard models that last you a decade or longer.

No two underwater missions are alike so be sure to talk to the manufacturer before you make your final decision.

Why SEAMOR Does It Best!

SEAMOR ROVs are made to last, and beyond that, they are made to be made. One thing all ROVs have in common is that they work in harsh environments. This means that every so often, things will break. 

Our solution? We make sure that each part can be exchanged independently. You won’t be stuck buying a new ROV everytime something goes wrong. In the longer term, this can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars. The biggest mistake new ROV users make is thinking that a cheap model can do the same as a model built to last. 

Secondly, SEAMOR offers some of the best customer service in the industry. We offer training programs, remote support, great availability and fast responses. Another big help is the hypermodularity of SEAMOR ROVs. This means that when things cannot be fixed on-site, you do not need to ship the whole ROV. We only need the specific piece that is experiencing trouble. Our team will support you through the whole process and help minimize your downtime.

The last point we will make here – our ROVs are very flexible when it comes to addons or accessories. Think of our ROVs as “subsea pick-up truck” for your tools. We know how expensive a sonar or any of your tools can be. Our ROVs are built to keep them safe, bring them to their work site, and back up again. 

Our mission is to bring you the most innovative underwater technology so you can work safely and productively. SEAMOR ROVs are an investment in your organization, not a cost. Come chat with us to find out more about solutions to your specific needs and pricing.