CAMPBELL RIVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, NOVEMBER 25, 2022 – Understanding how SEAMOR ROVs are being used in different applications is foundational to our development team’s work. SEAMOR is about taking existing technology and making it better and building systems that meet industry needs.

This week, two of SEAMOR’s team members had an adventure around North Vancouver Island to visit some of SEAMOR Marine’s customers. They were eager to learn more about how SEAMOR contributes to underwater projects, meeting client and industry needs. They were able to learn firsthand how SEAMOR ROVs offer unique values in real world. As expected, they came back energized and inspired.
Lance and Monica Stewardson of Mainstream Biological Consulting Inc. shared a wealth of knowledge with us about biodiversity in aquaculture and how they use their SEAMOR ROV paired with the LinkQuest TrackLink USBL tracking system to create the detailed reporting that is required by the DFO for AAR compliance. Our team also met another amazing client – Trevor Guignard at Diveco Marine 2007 Ltd. He is a veteran commercial diver and an early adopter of SEAMOR’s underwater technology which helped him expand his capabilities to explore deeper than before. He talked about marine service diversification, and the significant changes in many marine inspection applications. After the visit, Trevor sent this photo with a kind message to SEAMOR – “Appreciated the personal visit of your team to our area.” You see SEAMOR’s branded truck and Diveco’s truck (both Toyota Tundra) displaying their awesome logo. These two vehicles look like very close friends, – just like the strong relationship our two companies have built over many years. 
A big THANK YOU to Mainstream Biological Consulting and DiveCo Marine for your time and a fascinating visit! SEAMOR always values and prioritizes our clients whether old or new, far or near.