Oil and Gas for ROVs

ROVs are designed to perform tasks that would be difficult or dangerous for humans to do. For example: inspecting pipelines, conducting maintenance on offshore oil rigs, and searching for oil and gas reserves can be challenging.

Here are some of the main jobs of ROVs in the oil and gas industry

  • Inspection and maintenance: ROVs are used to inspect pipelines and other underwater structures to identify any damage or wear and tear. They can also perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning and small repairs. With the addition of third-party instrumentation and 3D cameras they can also be used for advanced surveys and change detection.
  • Exploration: ROVs can be used to search for oil and gas reserves in deep waters. They can take samples of the seabed and with the addition of industry leading technology partners, payloads can be added to provide detailed images of the ocean floor to provide that critical data required for different industry applications or explorations.
  • Construction and installation: ROVs can be used to install and maintain underwater infrastructure such as pipelines and subsea equipment. With the addition of industry leading manipulators, the functionality of the ROV will be greatly increased to meet your operational needs.

SEAMOR ROVs are designed to fulfill these roles in the oil and gas industry. They are known for their reliability and versatility, and can be customized to suit specific tasks.

A list of reasons SEAMOR Marine ROVs are up for the challenges of oil and gas

  • High-quality imaging: SEAMOR ROVs are equipped with high-quality cameras that can capture clear, detailed images of underwater structures. This is particularly important for pipeline and oil platform inspections. It is essential to identify any damage or wear and tear in these structures.
  • Maneuverability: all our models are designed to be highly maneuverable. We achieve this with powerful thrusters that allow them to navigate in tight spaces and challenging conditions. Infrastructure inspection may take place in locations with limited access or obstacles to navigate around.
  • Customizability: all our models can be customized, but this is especially true for our new Mako 2023, with a variety of sensors and tools to suit specific inspections or other operational tasks.
  • Durability: SEAMOR ROVs are designed to be durable and reliable, with robust construction and high-quality components. We know that critical missions will take place in harsh underwater environments. That’s why we design our products to the highest standards so they provide you with a performance you can trust.
  • Efficiency: our ROVs increase overall job efficiency by allowing tasks to be completed with reliable and trusted quality. This provides cost savings by reducing the need for expensive diving operations and by minimizing overall downtime for maintenance and repairs.

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