Meet the Lords of the Ocean co-star, LaRae Davies from Dominion Diving

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, DECEMBER 23, 2020 – Congratulations to our valuable customers, Robin & Matt Lohnes and their team at Dominion Diving on their Lords of the Ocean reality TV show on the History Channel! It was fascinating to watch and learn how SEAMOR’s Chinook ROV helps them with various important projects. SEAMOR’s team is very proud of our valuable contribution to this work. 

In the show, we discovered the superstar, LaRae Davies, who is an ROV pilot, and a great role model as she is intelligent and brings her great personality. She works with all classes of ROVs, from larger 150HP ultra work class to suitcase units. She absolutely loves her job and the people she works with.

The Chinook is one of my favorite ROVs I’ve flown, its size and auto features make any job easy – big or small! Its powerful thrusters make working in strong currents a breeze. Due to its compact size I’ve been lucky to explore the interior of a sunken war ship through a tiny hole in the side of the vessel! It maintains auto depth and auto heading without losing course, which has come in handy for bottom hazard surveys which require a close visual of the seabed without stirring up silt!”

LaRae Davies, ROV Pilot, Dominion Diving

She has had training around the world, in Thailand, Scotland, England, Philippines and Canada. Her proud uncle and industry mentor, Matt Lohnes is enthusiastic about her offshore work. She has worked in the offshore industry with ROVs for about 11 years.

“I feel good knowing she is out there with me as she puts that extra effort into the project and the gear.”

Matt Lohnes, ROV Superintendent, Dominion Diving

Matt supports her to keep advancing in the industry, and she sees herself the rewards of her hard work and continues pushing her limits.

Thanks to LaRae for the talent, perseverance, and resilience you have shown in this challenging male-dominated industry. You are an inspiration for all of us.