Cube-Shaped ROV Benefits

The choice of creating cube-shaped ROV models depended on various factors such as the intended purpose, operating environment, and design requirements. There are a several advantages associated with cube-shaped ROVs that make them suitable for certain applications.

Why Does SEAMOR Marine Choose Cube-Shaped ROV Models?

Compact Design

SEAMOR ROVs have a compact design, which makes them easier to transport and deploy. Their symmetrical shape allows for efficient use of space, making them more manageable in confined areas, such as in pipelines.


Our ROVs offer inherent stability due to their equal dimensions on each side. This stability can be advantageous in situations where precise control and maneuverability are crucial. The symmetrical shape (among other things) helps maintain stability even in turbulent underwater currents.

Payload Capacity

Box-like ROVs often have a larger volume in relation to their footprint, providing ample space for housing equipment, sensors, and payloads. This increased payload capacity allows for the integration of a variety of instruments and tools, enabling the ROV to perform a wide range of tasks, from scientific research to industrial inspections. SEAMOR ROVs can host a wide variety of accessories ranging from sonars to manipulator arms and cameras. Some of our favourites are from CodaOctopus. Check out our ROV selection here.

Modular Design

Cube-shaped ROVs lend themselves well to modular designs, where various components can be easily added or swapped out. SEAMOR Marine is unique in its hyper-modular design of its ROVs. The modular approach allows for flexibility and adaptability, as different accessories and tools can be attached. We want you to have customized ROVs to suit your specific missions and tasks. Modularity simplifies maintenance and upgrades, reducing downtime and improving overall operational efficiency.


Cube-shaped ROVs are more cost-effective to manufacture and maintain. The symmetrical shape allows for efficient use of materials. This reduces labour and material costs. Additionally, the modular design enables easier repairs and upgrades, lowering maintenance expenses and extending the ROV’s operational lifespan. SEAMOR ROVs can last you well over a decade with the proper (minimal) care. Thanks to their modular design, they can also be easily modified over time and can, therefore, grow with your business. Saving you even more money in the long run.

Get in touch for a chat or to try out one of our ROVs. SEAMOR is always growing and expanding. We recently added a mini-ROV to our repertoire: the COHO. This little ROV is special because it is not cube-shaped like our well-loved existing models.