Collaboration at & with SEAMOR – Spain Edition

SILLEDA, SPAIN, MARCH 28, 2023 –Collaboration is the highlighted SEAMOR value of the year 2023. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary “to collaborate” means “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor”. At SEAMOR we would like to adjust this definition to make it our own.

To collaborate means to work together with others in a mutual pursuit to inspire the world to discover the deep with the world’s most reliable, versatile, and powerful ROVs.

“The best investment we can make as SEAMOR dealerships are happy customers”, says Alejandro Palmeiro at Nautilus Oceanica. “The best investment customers can make is to get a high-quality SEAMOR ROV over a mass-produced model because they will last longer, need less repairs and customers receive better service”. Our collaboration extends beyond working towards success for the SEAMOR brand but also for the success of our dealerships and customers through high-quality ROVs.

Nautilus Oceanica is one of SEAMOR’s European dealers based in Spain. One of their main activities is to sell equipment, like the SEAMOR ROVs, for use in environmental monitoring, hydrography, acoustic tracking, and oceanography. Nautilus Oceanica was excited to present their live demo of the SEAMOR Steelhead, and our new Coho, at Aquafuture Spain – an international show on the aquaculture industry in Spain. “We are excited to learn about how SEAMOR ROVs will serve the Spanish aquaculture industry. We are especially excited for the new SEAMOR Coho because it is the perfect entry level and inspection ROV for many industries. Now our job is to collaborate with our customers so that we can make them as happy as possible.”

“SEAMOR needs to become the go-to ROV brand in Europe too. We first heard about SEAMOR from Imagenex Technology Corp. We were looking to partner with an ROV company and were told that there are so many in the market but that we should get in touch with SEAMOR. We did. We became partners and now we are looking forward to collaborating with the other European SEAMOR dealerships. We are here to help each other and to learn together so we can all enhance our strengths. Our shared goal is to keep our customers happy.”