Climate Change, ROVs and SEAMOR

What do SEAMOR ROVs have to do with climate change? Well, our ROVs complete mission after mission, can be fixed easily thanks to their modular design, are customizable, and are easy to maintain.

Let’s put those benefits into bullet points;

–          Long life span

–          Modular design = customisable AND easy and quick to repair

–          Use high-quality materials

–          Added bonus: we offer the best customer support in the industry

 Current state

It turns out that a lot of what we do, across all industries, is closely linked to climate change. Recent reports show that the world has already warmed up by 1.1˚C and is on its way to 1.5˚C by 2030. That is very bad news. However, we can remain hopeful.

SEAMOR ROVs, other underwater robots, and the vast array of new technologies are one of the reasons we can remain hopeful. Climate science, marine and aquatic biology, environmental sciences and a long list of other fields of research use ROVs. SEAMOR is active in almost all those industries across the world.

climate change and seamor

Our solution

Our ROVs are great pick-up trucks for sonars, cameras, pH meters, specialized sensors, profilers, lights, grip hooks, etc.. All these tools are essential in oceanographic and climate change research. Any of our models are customizable to your tools and accessories. Together with our engineering team we can build you the perfect ROV for the job. Even better, we can build you an ROV that will last you years!

One of the greatest contributors to climate change is the non-sustainable use of resources. This is what drives greenhouse gas emissions and environmental destruction. Unfortunately, the majority of ROV manufacturers are not aware of this indirect link between their ROVs, their non-fixability and short ROV life spans, and their choice of less-than-optimal materials.

Quality ROVs are better for the planet

In short, the ROV itself and the specific tasks an ROV completes can either support climate action, or contribute to climate change. The better you take care of your equipment, whether it be a tunnel, windmill, or your own ROV, the better it is for the planet. Additionally, for those researching climate change and environmental degradation, the life span and quality of your chosen ROVs also matters. Quality equipment can lead to quality results when operated and cared for properly.

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