VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, SEPTEMBER 29, 2020 – CanPac Marine Services ranks as one of the major commercial diving contractors in Canada and provides a wide range of marine services to many different industries. They are the only commercial dive company on the west coast to have ocean-side Vancouver Port facilities, which allows for rapid deployment of boats and emergency resources. Safety and technical excellence is critical in this business and CanPac Marine has a proven record of over 40 years with Work Safe,BC without a single incident.

Canpac was recently part of a project to lay 164 km fibre optic cable from Prince Rupert BC to Ketchikan Alaska. Canpac utilized our SEAMOR Marine Mako ROV for touch down monitoring and obstacle avoidance in shallow waters to 80’ and less until the WROV was able to take over. Current was strong and visibility was low however the Mako was able to give us a clear view of the cable touch down as it made contact with the seabed.”