Career Opportunities

Electrical Technologist

SEAMOR Marine Ltd (Nanaimo, BC) is looking for an Electrical Technologist to join our Production team.

Are you looking for a position that utilizes your technical skills, with opportunity to be a part of an innovative company?  We want to hear from you. 

The Opportunity

As an Electrical Technologist, you will:

  • Build SEAMOR ROVs and components
  • Contribute to our Production team
  • Learn something new every day
  • Work in a dynamic, collaborative environment. 

the Production team, and is responsible for assembly and testing of SEAMOR products and components, with an emphasis on electrical/electronics. 

Responsibilities & Expectations: 

As a member of the Production team, you will be responsible for assembly and testing of SEAMOR products and components, with an emphasis on electrical/electronics.  You will also be responsible for service work, as assigned. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Assembly of SEAMOR products and components
    • Surface mount and through-hole soldering
    • Verifying sealing surfaces, O-rings, and water-tight assemblies
    • Fiber optic termination
    • Chemical potting
    • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Repair of customer systems and components

Your qualifications:

  • Completion of an Electrical/Electronics Technologist (or similar) program; a Technician level program may be considered
  • Minimum of 2 years of relevant experience
  • Mechanical and electronics aptitude and skills
  • Skills and experience with fiber optic termination
  • Good soldering skills
  • Ability to follow engineering drawings, schematics, and diagrams
  • Ability to understand, interpret, and follow instructions (written and verbal)
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to use and maintain relevant tools and equipment
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other team members, and ability to work independently.

Compensation:  Based on qualifications and experience.

To Apply:  Submit your resume and cover letter to

Post Secondary Co-op Opportunities

SEAMOR Marine welcomes co-op inquiries at any time.  We will review applicants and proposed areas of development on a case-by-case basis.

Student Experiences:

Manon Prairie joined SEAMOR Marine during the Summer of 2017.  As a third year Mechanical Engineering student at McGill University, Manon was eager to get hands-on experience at a robotics company.

“As the Production Planner and Coordinator Assistant, I monitored stock levels, bought parts when necessary and passed components on to be assembled by the Production staff or experimented with by the Engineers. I was able to work closely with vendors, obtaining quotes and organizing delivery schedules, learning how to establish the professional relationships that are so important in a career. Working for a small company also allowed me to gain a more practical knowledge of every step a product takes before it reaches the customers—from the initial design phase, to the production of the finished product and the financial implications of the entire project. My colleagues at SEAMOR were all very kind and knowledgeable, always ready to answer my questions. They demonstrated the importance of collaboration, communication and strong leadership while working through engineering projects. By the end of my short time at SEAMOR Marine, I felt that I had really become a valued member of the team.  As I move forward in my career and continue to develop my skills, I know I shall always look back on my time here fondly.”

Manon Prairie